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Listen. You've got the legendary Max Cavalera of various metal acts on guitar and vocals, as well as Greg Puciato of The Dillinger Escape Plan, you've got Troy Sanders of Mastodon on bass and vocals, and you've got Ben Koller of Converge on drums. If you're a metal fan and you aren't at least aware of half those names you have sorely limited your metal scope. All three vocalists are exceptional for the genre with distinct voices of their own, and each of them take turns holding the spotlight ... read more
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This version of Nick Cave has almost become familiar for listeners, especially those who have just started discovering him within the last decade like myself. Cave and the Bad Seeds have progressively become far more intimate and emotionally charged since their 2013 album Push the Sky Away. This closeness was intensified by the death of Cave's son. That event led to the release of the groups last two albums, Skeleton Tree and Ghosteen, which continued to reveal more layers to Cave as a ... read more
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Now a decade deep into Annie Clark's work as a solo artist her albums have become special events as she reaches higher levels of acclaim and recognition. Her first four albums were all exceptional releases and all for different reasons, and by the time she reached her fifth studio album she was notable as one of the best modern artists for every facet of her music, from production to vocal work to songwriting. It's hard to imagine her having a bad album, but with MASSEDUCATION she does prove ... read more
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Often, eponymous albums are an artists debut record. Perhaps that decision is for a very clear introduction, like the opening to a Johnny Cash concert, because more often than not a debut record is your first encounter with a musician. For Annie Clark's fourth album as St. Vincent it seems there is an entirely different reason for a self-titled album; after three albums of different experimentalism it feels like Annie Clark has found her exuberant confidence more than ever before, having ... read more
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When I first listened to this album a few years ago I misinterpreted or misunderstood much of what was going throughout it. I think this is an easy mistake to make with Big Fish Theory, which acts as a perhaps surprising transition for Vince Staples whose debut record spent so many moments in the darker crevices of hip hop instrumentalism. That is traded in here for experimental, electronic dance music that takes on a much more maximalist sound than Summertime '06. Both are wildly adventurous ... read more
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Where St. Vincent's debut record Marry Me was about establishing a vast array of creative concepts, and the sophomore release Actor saw Clark honing in on a more consistent albeit whimsical tone, the third album Strange Mercy is all about tightening the grips and exploring the spectrum of progression, pop, and grit. Similar to Actor, Strange Mercy has an evident thread that ties all these songs together even if clearly cut from a separate cloth, one of which continues to establish the artistic ... read more
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Undeniably bold, Vince Staples comes out bare-knuckled for his debut record that vastly expands the capabilities of the West Coast hip hop scene and takes the typical street life rhetoric and wraps it in some of the most dense and eclectic production a listener could find. Staples finds a perfect balance on Summertime '06 between the experimental, the straightforward gangsta rap style and unapologetic bangers on the double album format, finding different ways to utilize his voice regardless of ... read more
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If you want to hear an adult man unapologetically praise the state of California across an entire album I recommend listening to RHCP - Californication instead.

After a five year break from albums and the second break between the band members, Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus enlist Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio to fill in for former band member Tom DeLonge who instead chose to seek out UFOs. No that isn't a joke, that is exactly what DeLonge is up to now. The new three-piece may have been able to ... read more
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King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard have proven themselves to be one of the most inventive and prolific groups of the last decade, releasing their big damn sixteenth album in less than ten years. No other modern act makes music at this lightning pace, and certainly none are able to maintain such an exciting level of consistency as King Gizzard. Nearing the end of the year we hadn't received any new albums from the group, outside of five live albums (because of course they would), which would ... read more
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Megan Thee Stallion may be the biggest breakout star of the entire year, moving from a talented up-and-comer to one of the biggest names in the entire music industry. Hot Girl Summer last year was her first big move into the mainstream, but that pales in comparison to her two number one singles in 2020, one of which is one of the biggest singles of the entire year. WAP is probably the biggest crossover moment in which Stallion was no longer a name to watch but instead a name we all knew, but ... read more
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After two tragic events, the plane crash Travis Barker was involved in and the death of long-time producer Jerry Finn, the three blink-182 members began mending the years of burned bridged between them for their first album in eight years. Following a similarly darker turn for the group in the vein of their self-titled album, Neighborhoods is a much more mature sounding blink-182 and seems like it comes from the inspiration of all three members from their time separated. At times feeling ... read more
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After a stellar debut record Marry Me, Annie Clark as St. Vincent begins to complicate her music with contrasting emotions and continuously elaborate and dense musical accompaniment. At times serene, at others sinister, St. Vincent finds a way to mesh these contrasts into a less experimental but no less exceptional second album.

Actor was heavily inspired by the kind of massive orchestral arrangements one would find in a Disney film, which Clark used as a medium to find her humanity after long ... read more
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Prior to taking on the St. Vincent moniker for her music, Annie Clark got her first exposure from a brief stint in the often crowded collection of artists in The Polyphonic Spree, then transitioned into a touring musician with Sufjan Stevens. One wouldn't quite call these humble beginnings, but Clark could have easily been nothing but a forgotten name in a giant list or a formidable touring artist who could help make others sound better. This wasn't Clark's destiny, and thank god it wasn't. As ... read more
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As Tom DeLonge went on to try something different with Angels & Airwaves, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker remained in the same lane that blink-182 had found themselves in throughout their career. +44 wasn't exactly identical to what they had done previously, with a bit more of a punky and full edge than the poppier end of blink-182's catalog. The inherent issue with When Your Heart Stops Beating is that it simply feels like Hoppus and Barker bitterly buckling down on their pop punk sound and ... read more
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After some infighting within the blink-182 ranks, co-singer Tom DeLonge embarked on his own musical journey outside of the groups particular brand of pop punk with a more full and spacious sound, something that seemed to be hinted at with the groups last self-titled album. Where that album faltered in finding a footing that made sense in the bands musical context, We Don't Need to Whisper and Angels & Airwaves in general seemed to have more room to breathe and explore the confines of what ... read more
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When I originally listened to and reviewed this album I was hyper-critical of it, which now looking back wasn't quite as warranted as it once was after working through what came before the groups fifth studio album. Their self-titled album is really the first instance that the group really tried to experiment much with their sound, outside of a few ballad-ish moments from their last two records (two of my favorites from the group, Adam's Song and Stay Together for the Kids) and so you would ... read more
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Ultimately speaking, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket is a pretty easy to view retread of what blink-182 did two years prior on Enema of the State. It plays to the same audience, commits to the same pop-punk sound, and explores identical themes. The group smelled the money they got from the previous record and followed the scent, and of course it worked; Take Off Your Pants and Jacket sold nearly the same amount as what came before it, and had similarly successful singles.

It seems difficult to ... read more
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For everything you think, feel, and know about the pop punk outfit blink-182, there is absolutely no denying just how much influence this album has for rock music of the last two decades. Enema of the State is wide reaching not just in creating the appeal for pop punk that would then lead to other pop punk bands reaching for the brass ring, it also was an album that left a lot of ripple effects in music that are still felt today.

A great deal of the success blink-182 saw by the end of the ... read more
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As blink-182 clearly needed to shift away from the Cargo Music label who barely wanted them and couldn't distribute enough of their records, they were lucky enough to gain a sizable amount of popularity from extensive touring and therefore had labels knocking on their door. With Interscope, Epitaph, and MCA all trying to woo the trio blink-182 had officially become the prettiest belles of the ball. They inevitably landed on MCA who would release their next three albums. Signing to a major label ... read more
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I saw it listed that blink-182 are considered to be a skate punk band. If anyone has ever heard me talk about music in any medium they should have found out by now that my standard bearer for all music is the Tony Hawk video game franchise which, if you weren't aware of until now, has the best soundtracks ever conceived. They have a healthy mix of underground hip hop, old rock, and punk rock. Of course these games would also be the bar to set for what makes an act a skate punk band, so I got ... read more
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