AOTY 2018
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Sao Paulo caraleo
im fucking new in this website so ill start reviewing in 2019 (btw yots is my aoty)
yeah (thanks for 10 followers lmao)
A 13 year old kid "obsessed" with music despite him only listening to like 5 artists and can't review music that good. I like rap music, and that just kinda tells itself. One of those kids. I have a YouTube channel btw
Pennsylvania, USA
All my reviews are 100% objective and your opinions are factually incorrect
New Zealand, Land Of The Sheep
white man who thinks he knows music because he listened to Death Grips once, usually review one record a day
russ's queen. if you take away my bias love for Kanye on this site I am a pretty non-biased person for everyone else <3
I review music on youtube 100 = Masterpiece 90 = Amazing 80 = Great 70 = Good 60 = Decent 50 = Mediocre 40 = Bad 30 = Shit 20 = Awful 10 = Unbearable 0 = Corey Feldman
Feel free to follow me! But if you ain't in the area, you can always just follow me on this site instead. 100 - Masterpiece 90's - Favorites 80's - Love 'Em 70's - Great 60's - Good 50's - Mostly good 40's - Meh 30's - Bad 20's - Worse 10's - Even Worse 0's - NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN 0 - Nothing of Value and plz, if you have music recs/suggestions i'll glady take them in the not so greatly designed message thingy
Somewhere, probably listening to music.
What up? I'm a cat who likes music, and my opinion is better than yours. Rating System: 100 = Masterpiece 99-90 = Superb 89-80 = Great 79-70 = Good 69-60 = Solid 59-50 = Fine 49-40 = Mediocre 39-30 = Poor 29-20 = Very Poor 19-10 = Appalling 9-1 = Horrific 0 = Complete Garbage Note: Everything I say on my profile is my opinion, so don't kill me... plz?
Only rating my current top 100 albums for each year (+20 noteworthy albums that I rated under 50/100 for each year). Have fun with it.
(A.K.A Vutto) lel i is amateur
Villavicencio, Colombia
I'm an Artist, Photographer, Musician and I love to listen and analyze music. I like Pop, Rock, Electronic and my favorite one it's R&B I Also score the album covers because they are part of the album, they Must be judged 😂 If someone has any recommendations of an album that I might like, or that you would like to read my review about it, just tell me!!
Hi guys :) My name is Ryan and I'm a college student with a massive love for music and love writing about it. 2018 has been an amazing year for music, can 2019 top it? I sure hope so (P.S. Go follow my Instagram for reviews too!) ONLY RATING ALBUMS STARTING THE YEAR 2000
Lamego, Portugal
hi i'm diogo from portugal and i give an 8 to basically every album because i'm like 8 yo
I try to remind forgotten bands and albums/ im also amateur music maker
heaven or las vegas
manic pixie dream pop 100: uwu all time fav 95-99: uwu personal classics 90-94: uwu phenomenal 85-89: uwu really great 80-84: uwu really good/great 70-79: good, not that good tho 60-69: decent enough, still enjoyable 50-59: eh it's ok 40-49: kinda bad 30-39: regrets 20-29: pretty bad 10-19: The Wall 0-9: h
ur 2 gay
///////////////////////// 100 // perfection 95 // near perfection 90 // incredible 85 // superb 80 // great 75 // very good 70 // good 65 // decent 60 // alright 55 // mediocre 50 // kinda bad ///////////////////////// anything below 50 is just varying degrees of bad. it's easier for a very short EP to get a higher score than it is for a full LP to get one my own music:
Hi! I'm a 16 teen who loves music more than anything. I'm so bad at this but that's ok because NoBoDy CaReS :) Have a nice day <3
your room
100: fucking perfect, instant classic 90-99: amazing, maybe one bad song or snippet 80-89: love it, one or two bad songs 70-79: pretty good, worth going back to a few times 60-69: it's good, mixed bag 50-59: mediocre, feel pretty indefferent about it 40-49: this sucks, not good 30-39: very bad, maybe two to three decent songs 20-29: horrendous, maybe one decent song 10-19: form of torture 0-9: i'll kms if you put this on
music junkie
On that relentless search for the AOTY- but aren't we all? I will never quit; I will not. Catch me dodging all that gay shit, deflecting all bedroom pop albums with my shield of objectivity, and projecting my toxic masculinity on others. This is my pur;pose, and I will not rest until my dream is a reality
Kieran Aisling Lyons 17 / INFP-T / 4w5 / Slytherclaw / Gemini, Aquarius and Pisces dominants
aka OldaBrotha (somatose -> RIP). Half-baked reviews and ignorant ratings
Of course I'm on this fucking website cause I like music, What would I do here if I didn't? I started listening to LPs in 2017, so i'm kinda ignorant. I'm 18. Fuck with me Rate Scheme below
Let's have an opinion by ourselves, shall we?
pumping out numerical ratings for albums that people will definitely care about and tell their grandparents about my ratings ---------------------------------------- MY RATING SYSTEM 0 - 74 = 50 dollar walmart gift card 75+ = will own later on a 13 track cassette thats selling for 2 dollars ---------------------------------------- imdb:
Richard D. James Album isn't my favorite record, just thought the cover was cool.
s a n j u n í p e r o
•awkwardly charming {daydreamer} •a r t student •badass druid •pokémon trainer •closeted obscurial •proud ravenclaw •spotify child and the list goes on & on . . . {Atlas, xxii} [spanglish] ✨🌌
I removed all my ratings on purpose btw. --- Account made 7/8/18.
I simply like good music, the genre doesn't matter. My blog (written in Italian) is: Thank you for following me!
Istanbul, Turkey
*Update Mode* "100": Masterpiece 95-90: Marvelous 85-80: Great 75-70: Decent 65-60: Passable 55-50: Mediocre 45-40: Poor 35-30: Bad 25-20: Awful 15-10: Horrendous 05-00: Atrocious

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