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Ratings based off enjoyment not cultural or historical significance. 10: Essentially 9's with deeper emotional investment 9-7: Levels of Great 6: Good 5: Average 4: Below Average 3-1: Levels of Terrible +01 for female artists with bangs
Im a Eminem stan but I fw many other Hip Hop artists too. I love classical music and Hip Hop but I actually listen to any genre if it sounds good :) Things which made me cum: Talib Kweli retweeted and liked a tweet from me. Pharoahe Monch retweeted a tweet from me. Sticky Fingaz liked a tweet from me. Marco Polo (Producer) liked and retweeted a tweet from me. Many albums I listened to aint even on this site but Im too lazy to add them all here.
Dab Taste In Music
Houston, TX
Rating System: Below 50: Levels of hate 50-59: Mediocre/Meh 60-69: Forgettable/Okay 70-74: Good 75-79: Very Good 80-85: Great Above 85: Levels of love
I'm like the cutest person ever who likes music. "I'm sorry for not respecting and loving you but you dumb" - Kid Kendrick Scott West 2900 BC
Hello I am Cameron, you may know me from RHHA from being the most important member/curator there. I’ve been listening to hip hop for about 2 years and currently making music of my own.
Momma's Basement

Toronto (canada lowkey fake tho)
i like to focus on what i like more than hate
Uncle's basement
Hungarian self-teaching producer and Hip-Hop lover. I rate albums too high sometimes.
Some Irrelevant Dude On The Internet Who Loves Music. Plank > Anything
Death Grips fanboy
Danny Brown's Basement
They call me Lil Wayne's retarded little cousin I am happy with my scores
Opinions are overrated. Except mine, of course.
can i say fuck on here
trying to get a girlfriend on here hit my tinder send new music recs if you'd like

February Playlist
Vinyl Me, Please